Cambridge Tutors College (CTC) is an international sixth form college that prepares young people for entry into prestigious universities, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, UCL  and the London School of Economics. Set in an easily accessible location in Croydon, Outer London, it offers a secure and attractive environment in which each student is encouraged to fulfil his or her academic and personal potential.

CTC was founded in 1958 by Roger Osborne, a graduate of Cambridge University. What began as a small tuition centre specialising in helping local boys prepare for entry into top public schools grew into one of the UK’s leading international colleges as CTC’s reputation for academic excellence spread.  There are now around 25 countries represented on the student body. 

The most recent Financial Times Secondary School Ranking List placed CTC at 38th in the country.


CTC is governed by a charitable trust which has three main aims:

      To promote high academic standards


      To foster international understanding, welcoming  people of all faiths, nationalities and  backgrounds


        To create an adult focused environment to prepare students for higher education


Small class sizes, careful monitoring of academic progress and weekly subject testing lie at the heart of CTC’s commitment to high academic standards. Expert guidance and support during the university application process also help to explain why so many CTC students succeed in securing places at leading universities.

Our exam results are consistently impressive. In 2013 53% of A Levels taken were awarded an A or A* grade with a third of all students gaining 3 or 4 A/A* grades.

CTC prides itself in preparing students for the challenges that they will face at university and in the increasingly globalised world beyond. Within the College, through our carefully managed homestay programme and through our varied programme of extracurricular activities, students are encouraged to become more independent and to develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and for others.

The latest educational and welfare inspection of the College, carried out by the Independent Schools Inspectorate in 2011, concluded that students at CTC make excellent progress and achieve outstanding results. We know that this is why students and their families choose CTC. The fact that they are also joining a warm, caring, friendly and vibrant international community makes the pursuit of those results a very positive and happy experience!


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