CTC students win six 2012 CIFE awards

CTC students win six of the twenty Awards at the recent Cife 2012 Award ceremony. The awards recongnise the achievements of students during the  2011 A level examinations.

Watcharaphol Paritmongkol, from Thailand, was awarded an Andrew Osmond Maths prize for excellence in Mathematics. He achieved four A* grades at A level and in Mathematics and Further Mathematics he gained scores of 597/600 and 587/600 respectively. In his other subjects, Chemistry and Physics, he was awarded 594 and 559 respectively. He has accepted an offer from Merton College, Oxford to read Chemistry.

Two CTC students won CIFE Awards in Science.  Hiu Man Lau, from Hong Kong, achieved A* grades in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, along with an A* grade in Mathematics. In Biology, she gained 590/600, in Chemistry 591/600 and in Physics 577/600. In both the Chemistry and Physics Olympiads she achieved Gold and she hopes to gain entry into university later this year to study Medicine.

Sher Ee Tan, from Malaysia, achieved A* grades in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, along with an A* grade in Mathematics. In Biology, she gained 581/600, in Chemistry 597/600 and in Physics 579/600. In Mathematics, a near-perfect score of 596 was achieved. She won a place at Edinburgh University to study Medicine.

Thi Thai Ha Nguyen won the CIFE award for Economics. She achieved an A* grade in A Level Economics gaining a score of 385/400. She also gained A* grades in Chemistry, Mathematics and Further Mathematics. She was awarded Gold in the Senior Maths Challenge and secured a place at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge to study Economics.

Raweewat Ruechai, from Thailand was awarded a CIFE prize for excellence in Humanities. Raweewat achieved three A* grades In Economics, History and Government. He also achieved an A grade in Mathematics. Across all four A level subjects he achieved seven maximum unit scores. He is now studying Economics and Politics at Edinburgh University.

Adeline Lou Yi Wei was awarded a CIFE college prize for all round achievement. Adeline  joined us from Malaysia in January 2010, on an intensive 18-month A level programme. Her level of effort, commitment, and performance were of a very high standard throughout her time at the College, this was reflected in her 2 A* grades in Chemistry and Mathematics and the 2 A grades in Biology and Physics that she achieved in the summer of 2011.

Adeline was, moreover, a dedicated student outside the classroom and made a splendid contribution to extra-curricular events. She motivated others and was a shining example of great organisation, keen attention to detail, good teamwork and the genuine desire to make every occasion something special for other people. She is now studying Actuarial Science at the London School of Economics.

We congratulate them all.

All the award winners