Visa Guidance Notes

Visa Guidance for students from non-EU countries applying to study in the UK (Tier 4)




Those wishing to apply to study in the United Kingdom will apply under tier 4 of the UK Border Agency Point Based System. 


Potential students will have to satisfy the requirements of the immigration rules and also gain 40 points which are awarded as follows:

30 points will be awarded for doing an acceptable course with an approved education provider, who will issue a CAS Statement

10 points will be awarded for having sufficient maintenance/ funding for your course of study


The new visas will be linked to the institution students intend to study at, as well as the course they will be undertaking. There are two types of student categories in tier 4 of the points based system:

  • General student (also known as Adult student) for those coming to the UK for post 16 education.
  • Child student for those aged between 4 to 17. Those aged under 16 may only be educated at independent fee paying schools.

Students aged 18 or above will apply as Adult students, those aged 17 or under studying GCSE courses must apply as Child students. Those aged 16 or 17 studying A levels may apply as Adult or Child student, however the College recommends this group apply as Adult students.

Once accepted onto a course of study Cambridge Tutors College will issue a CAS Statement which will need to be presented along with evide

nce of funds in order to obtain a visa. The money needed to be shown will be course fees for the first year of study and living costs for up to a maximum of nine months. The amount needed will depend upon whether the application is as an Adult or Child. The money must be held in a cash account. Shares, bonds, pension funds and similar savings accounts will not be accepted. Potential students must show that the money has been held for at least 28 days prior to the date of the application. It is important that financial evidence is no more than one month old. In this instance students should try to obtain evidence which is dated as close as possible to the date of the immigration application. The originals of documents listed on the CAS Statement letter must also be presented. 

English Language Requirements

On 3rd March 2010 amendments were made to the English Language requirements for students coming to the UK on certain courses. For Tier 4 General / Adult students undertaking courses at CTC this means students are required to have achieved a minimum English Language ability at level B1 and this must be confirmed, as well as details of how this has been assessed, on the CAS statement. This also applies for those students undertaking pre-sessional English courses. With effect from 12th August 2010, the UKBA introduced secure English Language tests for this group of students. Applicants are required to show they have reached the minimum level of B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) by showing that they:

·         Are from a majority English-speaking country,  as listed on the UKBA website, OR

·         Have successfully completed as course as a Tier 4 Child student (or under the previous student rules in place prior to 31 March 2009 if under 18 years of age when leave was granted) the course must have lasted at least 6 months and ended no more than 2 years before the CAS was assigned, OR

·         Have passed an English Language test with an approved test provider for Tier 4 and has achieved at least CEFR level B1.

·         A list of approved test providers can be downloaded here :    


Please see our Admission Criteria page for guidance on CTC English language requirements




Financial Proof

Students who do not have official financial sponsorship must have a minimum amount of cash in a bank or building society account. The account can be in the name of the student or their parents or legal guardians or it may be a joint account with someone else but in this instance, may only be used if the name of the student is included in the account as well. If applying using a bank account in parents’ or guardians’ names, students must show that they have their permission to use this money, as well as provide:



  • Their original birth certificate*, or a notarised copy, showing the name of the parent or parents whose bank account is being used for this immigration application.

(*If the student is adopted or has a legal guardian they will require the equivalent of this document)

  • The UKBA have also released a list of organisations they will not accept financial documentation from, please check the following link



For those applying as Child students who will be residing in CTC accommodation, their CAS Statement will state the total amount required as “boarding fees.” These boarding fees (tuition fees plus accommodation costs) will need to be paid to CTC who will pay the cost of accommodation on their behalf. Any Child student residing outside the CTC homestay system will have to show that they have the course fees for the first year plus £5400 to cover nine months living costs as well as acceptable care arrangements.

Students taking a pre-sessional course at Embassy CES, or at one of our English Language partnership institutions, will only be able to apply for a single visa to cover both courses if they qualify for a Child Student visa.

 “Low Risk” Applications for CTC Students: Students from a specified list of “low risk” nationalities are not required to produce evidence of their funds as part of the visa application process, as long as they are applying in their country of nationality or in the UK. However, applicants are asked to confirm that the specified funds are available and also have the documentation prepared should the Embassy request this information. (Countries on this list are currently Argentina, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Trinidad & Tobago, USA and some passport holders from Taiwan and British Nationals (Overseas). Applicants should check the UKBA website before applying  as this list may change at short notice.)


 Students Under 18 Years Of Age

Extra provisions apply to all those under 18 whether they apply as Child or General students. This means that the students will have to supply written support from their parents or guardians to their study in the United Kingdom as well as their consent for their independent travel, reception, care and accommodation arrangements which have been made for them.

To help comply with this requirement, for those residing in CTC accommodation, we supply a draft letter which parents may use as guidance  which is sent to parents with the formal acceptance letters.  


What to submit For your visa

CTC Students will need to submit

  • General /Adult Applicants:    CAS Statement 
  • Proof of maintenance/funds (a letter from your parent or guardian will be necessary if using their bank account)    
  • Passport and passport size photograph
  • Entry Clearance forms: Application form VAF 9 and Appendix 8
  • Correct fee 
  • The original documents CTC used to assess course suitability i.e. reports, which will be listed on your CAS Statement, including confirmation of your English Language level (any documents not in English must be accompanied by a full translation that can be independently verified by the UKBA)
  • Two copies of all documents, one to send with the application, one set to retain

If under 18 - additional consent letter from parents agreeing to the course of study as well as to independent travel, reception and care arrangements

Child Applicants:

As above except

Entry Clearance forms: Application form VAF 9 and Appendix 9

If aged under 16 – no further documents are required


These notes are for guidance only and not an authoritative statement of the law. These notes should be read in conjunction with official UKBA guidance which can be updated without notice. These notes incorporate UKBA guidance reflecting changes effective from 04 July 2011



Useful Links

Any students under 18 years of age not residing in CTC accommodation will need to satisfy the full maintenance requirements and should consult the:

UK Border Agency Webpage for Child Students

All students planning to come to UK study can refer to:

UK Council for International Students Website

UK Border Agency Webpage for Adult Students



VAF 9    Appendix 8    Appendix 9




  • Their original birth certificate*, or a notarised copy, showing the name of the parent or parents whose bank account is being used for this immigration application


  • (If the student is adopted or has a legal guardian they will require the equivalent of this document*)