To ensure that CTC is prepared for its incoming students this September, the school has decided to follow the charter outlined by the British School Association to ensure that all schools follow regulations to reduce the risk of Covid infections inside the school while giving the student a genuine boarding school experience.

Some of the guidance during school times outlined below,

• Require appropriate social distancing in all areas of school
• Guarantee availability of soap and disposable paper towels in all washing areas
• Require regular hand washing by pupils and staff
• Provide hand sanitiser1 stations at key points in the house and around the campus
• Provide pupils and staff with the opportunity to raise any concerns
• Ensure laundry procedures are clear and safe for staff and pupils
• Ensure appropriate PPE for any staff performing roles which will require it2
• Implement enhanced daily cleaning procedures in the boarding houses and school and ensure all relevant staff have
appropriate PPE
• Allow pupils and staff to wear masks or face coverings (other than for activities where this is not advised)
• Display clear notices explaining new procedures
• Ensure safe occupancy levels of all facilities and areas, including classrooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms
• Explain clearly any measures required when pupils are allowed to leave site
• Ensure equipment is not shared between pupils, other than when appropriate cleaning has taken place
• Allocate appropriate recreation areas (inside and outside) for use by designated boarders and ensure they are aware of any new procedures and safe occupancy levels
• Conduct regular temperature checks of all pupils and staff and of any visitors, including parents
• Be very clear that any bullying related to the pandemic will not be tolerated.

To read the full advice please click here
BSA Covid Safe Charter (English)
BSA Covid Safe Charter (Chinese)
BSA Covid Safe Charter (Russian)
BSA Covid Safe Charter (Arabic)