Dr. Juliane Horn


BA, MA (Humboldt University, Berlin), BA, MA (Birkbeck, University of London), PGCE (Institute of Education, London), MA (Birkbeck, University of London), Ph.D. (UCL)

Dr Horn joined Cambridge Tutors College as a tutor of Mathematics. She is one of our most decorated academics and has most recently added a Ph.D. to her already impressive portfolio of achievements.

A strong mathematician from a young age, Dr Horn completed her first BA in Maths from Humboldt University, Berlin. She then continued at Humboldt and obtained her MA in Maths (Differential Geometry). A unique opportunity then arose for Dr Horn to study further in the UK, which she embraced and relocated to London. She also studied for her PGCE at The Institute of Education, London.

Dr Horn started her teaching career at the Simon Langton Grammar School for Girls, in Canterbury. While teaching, she enrolled at Birkbeck College, London, on a part-time study programme, enabling her to work while studying towards her next academic milestone. The flexible study programme allowed her to add a BA and MA in Philosophy to her name while continuing to teach. Once she had completed her studies she then moved on to another MA, this time in Modern German Studies.

With an already remarkable academic portfolio to her name, Dr Horn then felt that it was time to take the next step and applied for her Ph.D. at UCL. She was accepted and although she knew it would be another seven years of studying and less free time, she was confident in her topic and getting her Doctorate.

After much dedication and 100,000 words later, Dr Horn gained her Ph.D. and all here at CTC London could not be prouder of her success. Dr Horn’s Ph.D. Thesis can be found via the link below:

“Dasrecht & Gott sind immer beim=Stärksten, & der – Stärkste hat immer=Recht”: Representations of Law and Justice in the work of Reinhard Jirgl

Dr Horn lives just outside of London in Surrey and when not teaching at CTC London she especially likes reading books on Ethics and German History but also enjoys German and Anglo-American Fiction. She is passionate about various environmental issues and is Treasurer of The Croydon Friends of the Earth, a local volunteer group working to improve the environment locally.

“CTC is an amazing place to work and has given me the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally. The small class sizes and the friendly atmosphere really promote an excellent environment for me to pass my knowledge on and truly get the full potential from each of our students!”