Biology-Olympiad Students

The British Biology Olympiad is a national competition which stretches and challenges those students with a deep interest in Biology. It is a platform to showcase their talents in this field and allows them to be publicly recognised by the award of medals, certificates and other prizes. There is also the potential for the top prize winners to represent the UK in the International Biology Olympiad.

Our entry into the British Biology Olympiad this year

The Biology Department at CTC effected the launch of the British Biology Olympiad in January 2015 with nineteen of our AS and A2 Biology students eager to participate. They sat two online tests in January this year and out of the nineteen, twelve students received awards. One student achieved the top award of a gold medal, three achieved silver medals, three were awarded bronze medals, two received a highly commended award and three a commended award.

Why should I enter the British Biology Olympiad?

We believe that having the opportunity to compete encourages students already interested in this valuable, wide-ranging and rewarding subject to continue their study beyond A-level. Medal winners are invited to attend an awards ceremony held in London and those entering the final round of the competition may be lucky enough to be selected to represent the UK and travel overseas for the contest.