The CTC Maths Department is keen to encourage students to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities. This is vital in promoting enthusiasm for the subject and also helps to identify students with outstanding abilities who can be stretched beyond their GCSE or A level courses. Our students attend annual lectures within the local area to broaden their mathematical knowledge and can also participate in extra courses, both at CTC and at local schools, to prepare them for Oxbridge entrance or for challenging examinations such as STEP.

The Senior Maths Challenge (SMC)

This competition for schools and colleges is held every November and is run by the UKMT (United Kingdom Mathematics Trust). At CTC most of our Maths students take the SMC with high levels of success.

75% of the CTC entrants in November 2014 won an award, compared to 60% nationally.

Gold: 20% (10% nationally)

Silver: 23%

Bronze: 32%

The Senior Kangaroo and British Mathematical Olympiad (BMO)

The Senior Kangaroo is a follow-on round which is available, by invitation only, to the best of the SMC Gold Award winners. BMO Round 1 is an alternative, and very challenging, competition for SMC high performers, and those who do well in it can attempt the even more difficult BMO Round 2. At CTC we regularly have students taking these follow-on rounds, and every year some obtain results in the top 25% nationally, for which they are awarded Merit in the Senior Kangaroo or Distinction in BMO1.

Celebrating success

At CTC we celebrate the outstanding achievements of our students in SMC, Senior Kangaroo and BMO with an annual presentation and photo-shoot, which is held in the Spring Term. Congratulations are due to all our Gold Award winners this year (2015), but particularly to the following four students who deserve special mention:

Yuanyuan ‘Sarah’ SUN (Year 2) who achieved the highest SMC score at CTC as well as ‘Distinction’ in BMO 1.

Hongqiao ‘George’ CHEN (Year 2) who was awarded ‘Merit’ in the Senior Kangaroo as well as a high score in BMO 2. (George also took part in BMO 1 in December 2013 and was awarded ‘Distinction’).

Zhisheng MAO (Year 1) who was awarded ‘Merit’ in the Senior Kangaroo.

Zhizong ‘Oscar’ HE (GCSE) who earned the 4th highest SMC score this year at CTC and a good score on BMO 1 ( despite being at the younger end of the age range).

Looking to the future

At CTC we are proud to have the opportunity to nurture some exceptional mathematicians. We are confident that the outstanding achievements of our students this year will inspire others to do equally well (or even better!) in the future.