At Cambridge Tutors College, we aim for the best possible results, focusing on academic potential as well as ensuring the healthy and well-rounded progression of all the students that pass through our doors.

Our Admissions Policy reflects an enjoyable learning environment in which a student can study in small peer groups, among an international community and with an emphasis on preparation for higher education and adult life beyond our doors. Our main objective is equipping young adults to take their place at a top university such as Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College London, the London School of Economics and University College London.

The College welcomes students from the age of 15 and a full range of ethnic, linguistic, cultural and religious backgrounds. Students can either attend CTC as day students or board with our Homestay Programme. In accordance with our Admissions Policy, the College will first assess whether a prospective student will cope well with and benefit from the curriculum and lifestyle we offer here before offering them a place.

Entrance at 15+

We admit a small number of students on to a one-year intensively taught GCSE course. This includes the students wishing to re-sit the examinations as well as some first-timers. The number of subjects that are taken during this year is usually five, two of which are typically English Language and Mathematics. However, this is not a prescriptive number as the individual needs of each student are assessed by the College prior to their entry.

The Foundation course we offer at CTC allows students to take a more intensive English Language course and GCSE Mathematics. In addition, students may take up to three Science subjects, an Economics/Business joint course as well as Art. We welcome discussion on the requirements of each and every student before they join us to create a tailored learning programme that will help them reach their potential.

Compulsory School Age Students

We run a specific programme provided for students who join CTC prior to their 16th birthday (these are Compulsory School Age Students). Two additional lessons are given to this group every week including PE (Physical Education) and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education).

Entrance at 16+

The majority of students joining us at CTC enter into the AS/A2 programme, either the two-year course starting in September or the 18-month course starting in January. Entry to either programme is open to all students who have passed 5 GCSE subjects (or equivalent), achieving grades A or B. Overseas students must have achieved a satisfactory level of English in order to qualify and they are routinely tested by CTC if there is no evidence of this. In all cases, the College will require a report from the student’s former school in addition to other evidence of their academic achievement.

We also offer a one-year accelerated A-Level course starting in September. Students are required to provide satisfactory GCSE or equivalent results as well as sit CTC entrance exams.

Entrance at 17+

Students join the AS/A2 programme (as above).

Application Process

Students wishing to join us at CTC are invited to complete an application form that can be downloaded here. Once complete, please return it to us with the accompanying documentation. We will respond as soon as possible and hope to be able to offer a place for the coming academic year. Should all the criteria be met and we send out an offer, a parent or guardian must then sign and send the acceptance documentation, together with a registration fee and the deposit. Upon receipt, we will send a final confirmation letter and visa letter if necessary.