We have a strong commitment to providing high-quality education to the brightest minds from all over the world and as a result, we are able to offer annual scholarships and bursaries to grant greater access to the rich learning experience at CTC. Please be aware that it is possible to be both a scholar and benefit from a bursary award so do apply for both if necessary.

For more information regarding bursaries, please click here.

We offer a finite number of scholarships for prospective A-Level students who show outstanding academic potential and would benefit from a place at our College. Unfortunately, we currently do not offer scholarships for GCSE entry. A scholarship candidate should submit a formal application including their most recent academic transcript and photocopy of their passport.

The levels of scholarship that we can offer at CTC are based on the academic grades submitted upon application. Please see the relevant Scholarship Enquiry page for more information.

UK Citizen Scholarship Information

Candidates may be required to sit scholarship examination papers in two different subjects to confirm their scholarship offer. Each examination paper is one hour long and should be expected to be challenging.

As part of the process, each scholarship candidate will be individually interviewed by a senior member of staff. If the candidate is overseas, this interview may take place via Skype. The results of the scholarship application will be communicated in writing to the candidate and their family within one week of the interview taking place.