The greatest investment a parent can make is in the quality education of their children. It is this philosophy that drives people from all over the world to send their children to CTC. Founded in 1958, we pride ourselves on our lasting reputation as a leading international sixth-form college here in the UK.

As highlighted below, there are many different reasons why CTC has been a popular choice for over six decades:

  • We attract the hardest working students who are driven by a thirst for success and a place at a top international university.
  • The standard of teaching set by our dedicated and expert staff is excellent. They too are highly motivated to ensure the success of each and every one of their students.
  • Our classes are small with an average of six students, therefore individual and valuable attention is guaranteed at CTC for a more bespoke learning experience.
  • The atmosphere throughout the College is warm and welcoming. Many friendships are forged on our campus and these relationships among student peers as well as between staff and students are respectful, honest and long-lasting.
  • We prepare our students exceptionally well for adult life beyond our doors; not only do we offer extensive support and advice in choosing the most appropriate course at the right university, we also provide the expert mentorship in order to get them there.
  • Our adult-focused environment encourages outstanding levels of maturity and nurtures individual responsibility and self-reliance among our students, both academically and socially.
  • We offer a wide and dynamic range of extra-curricular activities that work to enhance and enrich the experience here at CTC.
  • Above all, our students are balanced, well-mannered, generous and friendly young adults that we are intensely proud to work with and we continue to see succeed in later life.

Do come and visit us at CTC soon. We would be delighted to show you around.