One of the biggest and most important investments any parent may choose to make, is in the education of their children. One’s education cannot be taken away, and while sometimes our children make one as a parents question its value, in the end it is worth it!

We are one of the foremost independent international sixth form Colleges in the UK and there are many reasons to choose CTC:

  • We attract very high quality students who are aspirational; they want to succeed, to work hard, to gain a place at a top university;
  • The standard of teaching from our dedicated and expert staff is exceptional. They too are highly motivated to ensure the success of each and every one of their students;
  • Our classes are small with an average of six students. Individual attention is guaranteed, given and expected.
  • The atmosphere is very welcoming and friendly. Relationships between students and between staff and students are outstanding.
  • We prepare our students very well for life beyond College; not only do we offer wonderful support and advice to choose the right course at the right university, we also give expert guidance and support to get there.
  • Our adult focused environment encourages maturity and nurtures individual responsibility and increasing self reliance. In academic terms, this means the development of independent learning; more broadly it means our students can look after themselves and are well equipped to benefit from a university education.
  • We offer a wide range of enrichment activities and are always willing to offer more if there is student demand.
    Above all, our students are delightful. They are well mannered, polite, kind, and generous. We are very proud of them.

Do come and see us here to find out for yourselves what we are like, to meet staff and students. You will be given a very warm welcome, even if the local weather may not be quite up to the same warmth!