At Cambridge Tutors College, students are expected to take three A-Level subjects. If a student is deemed strong enough, it is possible to take an additional subject alongside the three core choices. Alternatively, students may undertake an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), the equivalent of an AS, or the Oxbridge Medicine Programme alongside their three core subjects.

A candidate who wishes to be considered for entry to CTC London must complete the application form and submit it before the closing date for the next academic year. A copy of the applicant’s Passport, IELTS certificate (or equivalent) and most recent school report should be included with the application.

Entry to CTC London is dependent upon GCSE (or equivalent) results. To be admitted, the candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum of 5 A – B GCSE/IGCSE’s (or equivalent)
  • Average GCSE’s score of 5.5
  • Grade B/C in English and Maths
GCSE/IGCSE Grade New GCSE Grading
A* or A** 8 or 9
A 7
B 6
C 5
D 4
E 3

Overseas students must have a minimum IELTS Exam score of 5.5 (or equivalent) for Mathematics and Science based subjects, or a minimum of 6.0 (or equivalent) for essay based subjects such as English, History and Economics.

Students wishing to undertake the 18-month A-Level course are also required to have a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 (or equivalent) before starting the course.

Students will also be required to have an interview, in person or via Skype, with the Principal or Vice-Principal of the College.

Students may also be asked to sit an entrance exam during the application process.

Year 2 Progression

Progression on to the second year of study is dependent on the following factors:

  • Minimum of C in core three A-Level subjects
  • Students attendance in Year 1 has been a minimum of 90%

Transfer to Year 2 will be automatic providing the above criteria is achieved. If minimum criteria for automatic progression is not achieved, consultation between school, Student and Parent will take place to determine next actions.

GCSE and Pre-GCSE Preparation Courses

Students generally need to be at least 15 years old to join our GCSE or Pre-GCSE Preparation Courses.

Students coming from outside of the UK will need to take an IELTS exam (or an alternative English test) via one of our agents in their home country. Please note: this is a different test to the one taken for our A-Level course.

Students must have a minimum IELTS Exam score of 5.0 (or equivalent) to be accepted on our GCSE course.

Students must have a minimum IELTS Exam score of 3.5 (or equivalent) to be accepted on our Pre-GCSE Preparation Course.