Whatever one may feel about Globalisation, the fact is that it is here to stay and so the importance of an international outlook becomes more relevant every day. At CTC our students receive a truly International Education, it is one of our core aims and values.

In academic terms, new syllabuses are increasingly international in their perspectives and use of examples. In subjects like A level Economics, History or Geography, this is particularly the case.  In the History Society which meets every week, students are learning about various cultures and their histories, and often their interactions within an international context.

In pastoral terms we promote internationalism within our student body.  Not only by living and working together day in day out, but through our activities such as international evening.Only recently we held one of our regular informal lunchtime music concerts and we used it to raise money for an international charity.

We genuinely believe that our students leave CTC well prepared in academic terms but also leave with a much broader perspective on life than when they came.  They are well prepared for university.