The CTC students come from many countries around the world so there is a real international feeling. As one walks around the college during breaks from lessons it would not be unusual to hear various languages spoken such as Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Malay and English.

A student might be at college for only two years if they follow an A level programme so there is a rapid turnover of students and this has given us a very wide showcase of talent over the years. Approximately once per term we hold an informal concert. Each programme gives us a variety of performances ranging from small groups of instrumentalists, singing or playing to a backing track and a regular item from the recently formed college choir. Notably in recent years we have had a conservatoire standard pianist from Russia, a harpist from Malaysia, a violinist from Vietnam and a cellist from Korea.Girls at International evening at CTC

International evening is normally held in May and is a wonderful event where students are encouraged to wear their national dress and bring a national dish to share. Much effort is put into this evening and sometimes hours are spent preparing intricate food items from around the world. The variety of costumes on display mirrors the diversity of different cultures within the college.

Student group at Inernational Evening