We recognise that it can be incredibly overwhelming for students when deciding what to study at A-Level. Under the British system, only a few subjects are typically taken at this stage and narrowing down the choice from 8 to 10 subjects at GCSE level (or equivalent) can affect big life decisions in the future. So how does a student choose what to study before they go on to university or full-time employment?

Students at CTC can take a maximum of four subjects at A-Level but we advise taking three to ensure a wholesome and enjoyable learning experience. As an alternative to a fourth A-Level, we do offer an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) which can be taken during the course and counts for half an A-Level (AS-Level).

At CTC, we have been expertly guiding young adults for decades. We can help determine what it is they want to do, both at school and in life, and we’d be delighted to talk through the various different options before any final subject choices are made. The key to these important decisions is to work backwards and we are well-equipped to ask the right questions to instigate the process.

What would they like to do after College? What do they want to study at university and/or what career would they be interested in pursuing? Please note that some degree courses require certain subjects to be taken at A-Level, for example, a Medicine degree will require Chemistry and Engineering will need Mathematics. It is a good idea to check what the university course requirements are before making a final choice.

Taking the time to think about the future will absolutely help determine what subjects are most appropriate for an A-Level student but recognising a passion or a particular aptitude for a certain area of study should also drive the decision-making process. Students must remember that A-Levels are very intensive so it is increasingly important to choose something that will be enjoyed.

We are here to help our students choose the courses that will best match their interests and ambitions and provide the greatest opportunity in life, so please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.