A level Board/code

OCR H008, H408

What do we cover in the course?

    Our A Level qualification provides students with a broad and rewarding study of the classical world. Students have the opportunity to study elements of the literature, visual/material culture and thoughts of the classical world while acquiring an understanding of their social historical and cultural contexts.

How is it assessed?

3 Papers

Content overview
Component 1: The world of the hero
In this compulsory component, students study either Homer’s Iliad or Odyssey and Virgil’s Aeneid.


Component group 2: Culture and the arts
The components in this group involve study of visual and material culture, and (except for Greek art) literature in translation.Students study one:                                                                            
Greek theatre (21)
Imperial image (22)
Invention of the barbarian (23)
Greek art (24).


Component group 3: Beliefs and ideas
Components in this group involve study of an area of classical thought, along with either literature in translation or visual/material culture.Students study one of:
Greek religion (31)
Love and relationships (32)
Politics of the Late Republic (33)
Democracy and the Athenians (34).

Key skills required


Course Curriculum link?

What is the course useful for?

Classical Civilisation is listed on UCL’s list of preferred A Level subjects and it is also listed on Trinity College, Cambridge’s list of Generally Suitable Arts A Levels. It is also listed as a useful subject for degrees in Classical Studies and Philosophy in the Russell Group ‘Informed Choices’ document.