The A level course concentrates on using photography as a creative means for self-expression. Students will learn how to use DSLR cameras effectively and fully manually in order to become highly skilled practitioners. Photography students will concentrate on using the latest digital technology to create, process, develop and edit to an extremely high standard. We have a fully furnished iMac suite, with the latest Adobe software, offering an exciting and professional place to pursue photographic practice and edit to an extremely high standard.

Outline of Course

Year 1

The beginning of the first year is given over to developing students’ technical proficiency in Photography. Through a series of workshops students will be introduced to manual SLR photography, lens choices and lighting design. This will be supported with extensive research and analysis of the work of both historical and contemporary photographers in order to help students contextualise their own practice. The second half of the year is a mock exam project that mimics the Externally Set Assignment of the second year, allowing students to experience the demands for a personal investigated theme within a concentrated period of time.

Year 2

Component 1/Personal Investigation The course in Year 2 builds on the work accomplished in Year 1, developing the student’s abilities and knowledge to a higher level and will consist of a self-chosen project, in which they can develop a body of work on an area of particular interest to them.

Component 2/Externally set Assignment (40%) Students respond to an externally set theme from the exam board. It will include a fifteen-hour timed test period in which students will produce, edit and print final imagery.

Exam Board / Code

AQA A-level Photography/ 7206C/X