Exam Board/Code: AQA GCSE-Fine Art/8202C/X

Portfolio completed in class and at home (60%). The externally set assignment begins in February and is completed by Easter (40%) with a ten-hour piece of work made in examination conditions.

Overview of Subject:

Art and Design- Fine Art aims to encourage the development of your personal interests and ideas through the use of a very varied and extensive range of media:

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Printing
  • Sculpture
  • Digital Photography Collage and mixed media ICT
Outline of Course:

The GCSE Art and Design Fine Art course consists of coursework and an externally set assignment. The course is designed to enable pupils to explore a range of 2 and 3-dimensional approaches to their studies.

The themes for the portfolio are wide-ranging and varied and allow for personal interpretation. The course encourages self-motivation, creative problem solving, sensitivity and visual awareness. It will improve your powers of observation and creativity, practical skills, independence, appreciation and understanding of art both critically and culturally.

The course aims to help improve your ability in making art, by stimulating your curiosity in the surrounding visual environment. The course is engaging and exciting, requiring you to be receptive to new ideas, willing to explore and work ambitiously. Through the course, you should gain new insight and enjoy the process of visual discoveries.