Board/code Edexcel 4ECO
What do we cover in the course?

Key syllabus elements

The four main areas of content are:

  1. The Market System
  2. Business Economics
  3. Government and the Economy
  4. The Global Economy
How is it assessed?

Key assessment elements

  • The assessment of this qualification is through one examination paper lasting two hours and 30 minutes, set and marked by Edexcel
  • The total number of marks available is 120. 
  • The examination paper has four compulsory questions, each worth 30 marks.
  • The examination paper is a mixture of structured, data response, short-answer, multiple-choice and open-ended questions
Key skills required The ability to analyse data and write extended prose is crucial for success in this qualification.
Any other information


Students are required to read widely in this subject and we would recommend daily reading of a quality broadsheet newspaper such as the Guardian, The Times, The Independent or the Financial Times. Alternatively, students may prefer to access online news sources such as the BBC news website or the ‘Guardian online’.