Board/Course Code

OCR/GCSE (9-1)History A

Course Title

Explaining the Modern World

What do we cover in the course?


One thematic study:

Power. Monarchy and Democracy in Britain c.1000 to 2014

Within this context we focus upon two special topics:

One British depth study:

The English Reformation c.1520- c.1550
One study of the historic environment:

Castles: form and Function c. 1000-1750


One period study
International Relations: the changing international order 1918-2001


How is it assessed?

There are three written exam papers:

International Relations
Power. Monarchy and Democracy in Britain c.1000 to 2014
The English Reformation and Castles: Form and Function
Key skills required

Reasonably fluent written English is a must and non-native English speakers need a good IELTS score. However we expect your skills to develop over the academic year.

A willingness to read around the subject is a great asset.

What entry requirements are there to study this course?

Apart from College IELTS standards, there is no formal requirement.

What is the course useful for?

This course will give you:

A basic understanding of a broad sweep of British History

An introduction to British history topics taught in greater depth at A Level

An introduction to the British political system and modern international relations

A introduction to British culture.

Any other relevant information

You are very welcome to visit us to meet staff and students, get a flavour of how we work and to pick up preliminary materials.