This A-Level course enables you to achieve your full academic potential in just five terms but you will be expected to cope with the accelerated pace of teaching.

The course is ideal if you want to improve your existing A level results or if you want to take a second university degree, which requires A level subjects that you do not currently possess exam certificates in. We recommend that you only study three subjects and possible undertake to do an EPQ.

As a rule of thumb you will study the AS (year 1) syllabus of each subjects from January to June followed by the A2 (year 2) in the final academic year. However, there will be some flexibility depending on the nature of each individual subject.

In class sizes of an average of six students and never above nine students, you will experience a relaxed and focused learning environment preparing you for life after sixth form whether that being university or the world of work.

You will be taught by our experienced tutors who are experts in their academic fields. As A level subjects have been reformed you will take all your public exams in your final year but internal exams are compulsory after your first year as a measure of your ability to continue your subjects in your second year.

If you are interested in applying for Oxbridge, Medicine or Veterinary Sciences we have a dedicated course where you can develop the skills, knowledge and understanding of the application process, interview techniques and the various entry tests required.

Each week you will sit a test in all your subjects ensuring that you and your parents/guardians are fully aware of your current academic progress as your results will be posted on our online portal.

Your Personal Tutor will see you every week and support you in all academic and pastoral matters as well as guiding you through the UCAS process resulting in applying for the right university courses and universities.

Please see the individual subject areas for information about each specific courses and reading list.

Please contact us to discuss your specific A level subject requirements.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about studying A levels at CTC or simply contact us for arranging a visit to our college.