DEPARTMENT Economics, Business and Accounting
Qualification attained at the end of the course CTC Diploma

What do we cover in the course?

Key syllabus elements

The Business and Economics module covers the following topic areas:

1.      Personal finance

2.      Introduction to Business and Enterprise

3.      Business Finance

4.      Business and marketing

5.      Introduction to Microeconomics

6.      Introduction to Macroeconomics

How is it assessed?

Key assessment elements

Formal Assessment will be undertaken at regular intervals throughout the Foundation year. Students will also sit a terminal examination that tests all material covered throughout the Foundation course.
Key skills required Students will require the ability to complete basic mathematical operations such as the calculation of percentage changes. Students will also need a degree of fluency in written English.
Any other information Wider reading and research will be a vital component of the Economics and Business module. Students can expect that they will be required to undertake independent research and reading and present their findings in class.


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