Qualification attained at the end of the course IELTS

What do we cover in the course?

Key syllabus elements

The course will train students in the use of academic English, equipping them for their English-medium studies.  It will cover the four skills (writing, reading, listening and speaking), with particular emphasis on the grammar and vocabulary that are required.  In addition, there will be some individual research work using on-line and library resources, preparing students for independent study.


How is it assessed?

Key assessment elements

As in the final IELTS test, assessment covers the four language skills (writing, reading, listening and speaking).  Students should aim to achieve at least band 6.0 at the end of the course.
Key skills required Students will need to have sufficient English to be able to benefit from the course.  An IELTS score (or equivalent) of not lower than 4.5 is regarded as necessary.


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