Qualification attained at the end of the course CTC Diploma

What do we cover in the course?

Key syllabus elements

·         Measurement, Units, Graphs, Mathematical skills, ICT skills

·         Mechanics: motion, forces, moments, work, energy, power, efficiency, pressure

·         Electricity: electrostatics; direct current electricity and components; domestic electricity, safety.

·         Thermal physics: states of matter, kinetic theory, heat transfer; specific and latent heats

·         Light: mirrors, lenses; reflection, refraction, total internal reflection

·         Waves: wave types, electromagnetic waves; diffraction; interference; sound waves

·         Electromagnetism: magnetism; electromagnets, fields, motors, generators, a.c. electricity

·         Basic atomic and nuclear physics; nuclear radiation

How is it assessed?

Key assessment elements

Multiple-choice Test    45 mins

Short response questions + longer, structured questions including testing knowledge of practical skills  1 hour 15 minutes

Continuous assessment (not coursework) of practical skills

Key skills required

·         Using equipment correctly to take measurements

·         Analysing data

·         Problem-solving

·         Communicating ideas


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