4 houses were created that relate to the history of the college. Those being – MacCarthy (one of the founders of Cambridge Tutors), Kewley (first history teacher and WW2 code breaker), Grange (name of the first building use in Warlingham) and Copse (name of current building). The houses are a mix of all years and hopefully this will get all the students talking to each other.

The Crests were designed by the teams in 2021 to best display their identity and will be forever cemented into the history of Cambridge Tutors College.


The teams will complete through out the year. These events will consist of different activities – physical, mental, solo and team events. Some examples of these are, a sports day , a fancy dress costume party, quiz night, football, badminton tournament, skill games and brain games.

Each event has 4 points up for grabs, 4 for first place, 3 for second and so on. There are also bonus points for the team that turn up with the greatest number of participants and another for the team with the most clothing that match their house colours.

At the end of the year, the team with the most points would then win the Osborne Cup, with an award ceremony to celebrate that victory.