CTC is located in a good residential area 10 minutes’ walk from Croydon town centre.

Croydon town itself is very busy and one of the largest commercial and shopping districts outside of Central London. Croydon has excellent transport links including fast train services to central London, Heathrow, Gatwick and beyond.  Many people live in Croydon due to the good residential housing and excellent schools and work in central London, commuting daily on the fast train services.

Croydon has a population of approximately 60,000 and like any large city anywhere in the world; the population can be dynamic, vibrant and lively.

The location of the College itself means in effect that we are just outside the busier areas in quieter more residential surroundings.  There are several other schools including primary schools near to CTC and the College has the further privacy of being sited on a quiet street surrounded by a park and other residential properties.

CTC has an excellent safety record with the majority of students living in host family accommodation either a short walk or bus ride from the College site.

We are not complacent, students are taught all aspects of personal safety as part of their initial induction as well as through our PSHE programme which addresses many topics students will find helpful. We fully understand that cultural differences may mean that UK customs and traditions may appear strange at first but the College assists greatly with helping students settle safely and happily into their new environment.

We can offer all kinds of support from airport collections and transfers, travel guidance as well as ongoing personal safety advice including keeping safe on the internet and within the context of social media.

At some point, students will have to travel back home, or to universities for Open Days and interviews and it is important the College also prepares students effectively for life after CTC.

We therefore help our students become more independent, self-reliant and confident individuals.